Increase Online Sales & Brand Awareness

Increase Online Sales & Brand Awareness

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MC Apparel is a medium-sized clothing company that specializes in trendy, high-quality clothing for young adults. Despite having a strong brand, the company was struggling to increase online sales and reach a wider audience.


To address these challenges, Adscohlic implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included the following tactics:
  1. E-commerce Optimization: Adscohlic optimized their website for conversions by making the checkout process simpler and more user-friendly. Adscohlic also made sure the website is mobile responsive, for user to have a better experience when browsing on mobile.
  2. Social Media Marketing: We used social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to connect with customers, share product information and promotions, and build a community around the brand. Adscohlic team also used Instagram shopping feature to make it easy for users to purchase products directly from the post.
  3. Influencer Marketing: Adscohlic partnered with fashion influencers to showcase MC's clothing on popular social media platforms and reach a wider audience. They also used user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy to build trust and credibility with their customers.
  4. Paid Advertising:  Adscohlic also used paid advertising on Google and social media platforms to reach potential customers and drive sales. We also used retargeting campaigns to reach users who have visited the website but did not make a purchase.
  5. Email Marketing: Adscohlic used email marketing to keep customers informed about new products, promotions, and sales. We also used abandoned cart email to remind users of their abandoned items in the cart.

Results: As a result of these tactics, MC Apparel was able to achieve the following results:

  • A 50% increase in website traffic
  • A 60% increase in online sales
  • A 30% increase in social media followers
  • A 20% increase in email subscribers
Overall, the Adscohlic's digital marketing strategy helped to increase online sales and improve brand awareness, which allowed MC Apparel to reach a wider audience and expand its customer base. With the help of our digital marketing efforts.
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